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A Trauma Primer for Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Detention Staff

Juvenile justice probation and detention workers play an important role in helping system-involved youth and families navigate justice and social service systems; achieving goals of accountability, competency, and community safety; and promoting safety, s ...

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OrganizationNational Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Advancing Trauma-Informed Systems for Children

Childhood trauma exposure is a significant public health concern. Children are exposed to potentially traumatic events at alarming rates and the negative effects of untreated traumatic stress can last a lifetime. By the age of 17, more than 71% of all chi ...

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OrganizationChild Health and Development Institute of Connecticut
Journal or PublicationIMPACT

Excerpt: Communities of color have a long-standing history of inequitable treatment by the police in the U.S. In recent years, activists with the Black Lives Matter movement have helped to raise the profile of the destructive treatment of the black comm ...

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OrganizationNational Juvenile Justice Network
Journal or PublicationPublication
Ending the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track - Clayton Courty, GA

Mission Judge Steven Teske, a juvenile court judge in Clayton County, Ga, began to observe and learn that referrals to law enforcement skyrocketed as soon as school resource officers were stationed at local schools. In fact, in the mid to late nineties ...

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OrganizationEnding the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track

I am a reformist who happens to be a judge. I came to this realization when introduced as a "reformer" at a recent Houston gathering of politicians, judges, clergy and juvenile justice stakeholders. I was invited to share some insights into the collabo ...

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Journal or PublicationJuvenile Justice Information Exchange

Criminalizing kids for minor misbehavior in our schools unnecessarily exposes them to our justice system and increases the likelihood they will drop out of school and face later incarceration. Involvement of all stakeholders, including judicial leaders, i ...

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Journal or PublicationTrends in State Courts
The court’s role in Dismantling the school-to-Prison Pipeline

The juvenile justice system in America is a paradox when it comes to promoting the welfare of our nation’s young people. We have come a long way from old English common law which treated children as adults under the "vicious will” doctrine,1 to creating j ...

Resource Type
OrganizationNational Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Journal or PublicationJuvenile and Family Justice Today

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