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Excerpt: The Averted School Attacks Data Collection Platform seeks to improve the amount of information pertaining to averted school attacks as a part of the data systems enhancement efforts that stem from the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative. T ...

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OrganizationPolice Foundation: Advancing Policing Through Innovatio...

Collaboration between law enforcement officers and schools is an important step in increasing school safety. The concept of having law enforcement officers involved with schools stems from the practice of community policing. Community policing utilizes th ...

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OrganizationCenter for the Study and Prevention of Violence
National Assessment of School Resource Officer Programs Final Project Report

There has been a growing interest in placing sworn police officers in schools as SROs to improve school safety. However, when this project began in May 2000, little was known about SRO programs (appendix A identifies the principal published and selected u ...

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OrganizationNational Institute of Justice
Partnering to Ensure School Safety

Violence in schools is an alarming reality today. Countless news stories have detailed the incidents, profiled the offenders, and dissected law enforcement’s response. Educators, law enforcement, and mental health professionals realize that a one‐size‐fit ...

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OrganizationInternational Association of Chiefs of Police
Journal or PublicationJuvenile Justice

Some policymakers have expressed renewed interest in school resource officers (SROs) as a result of the December 2012 mass shooting that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. SROs are sworn law enforcement officers who are assigned to w ...

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OrganizationCongressional Research Service
The Impact of School Resource Officers on Community-Based Policing

Effective school resource officer (SRO) programs recognize and utilize the special training and expertise law enforcement officers possess that is well suited to effectively protect and serve the school community. SROs contribute to the school safety t ...

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OrganizationNational Association of School Resource Officers
Journal or PublicationThe Police Chief

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